Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Life is a Zoo (or at least, once a week it is)

Shocking, I know, but I actually have a life outside of writing. Sometimes it feels like I don't between writing, promoting, publishing and everything that goes along with those responsibilities. But I do try... try to do other things.

I love to watch UFC, I love my cats, I enjoy cycling, as well as playing video games. But one thing that I enjoy and get to do each week is volunteer at our local zoo. For a long time, I did work with the animals. This involved preparing diet for the rainforest animals and then... I got to feed out:

It has been a wonderful experience from top to bottom and I loved every moment. Now I don't do as much with the animals, but I do data entry about the daily animal reports from the zoo keepers. It's really interesting to follow the developments around the zoo with the animals and programs.

Each week it's a nice break from my routine, it gets me out of the house... and how many people can say they got to feed golden handed tamarins?

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