Wednesday, September 21, 2011

On little break!

Will be taking a short break for the next couple of weeks since my husband just got home to Arizona! I will post again when the second book in the "Jordan Series" is available (THE TEMPTATION OF A GENTLEMAN, 2.99, October 1).

Friday, September 16, 2011

Everlasting by Kimberly Dean

So many years ago that I hesitate to say how long, I met an awesome writer named Kimberly Dean. We were both in SECRETS, Volume 11. She had a very sexy, extremely well-done erotic romantic suspense, I had written (of course) an erotic historical. We've been friends ever since (we'll always have Canada... or at least Disneyworld's version of it, Kim) and now she's entering the ever-whacky and wonderful world of independent publishing. Her new book, EVERLASTING is available for Kindle/Nook right now for only 2.99. If you like the sexy... Kimberly Dean is your girl:

When Chevon takes an impulsive road trip, she doesn’t expect to stumble across her distant past. Lost in a thick, unpredictable fog, she finds the Everlasting Inn. The remote house on the cliffs is a haven, yet it evokes erotic thoughts and haunting memories. They consume her until she realizes that she’s been to this house before… in another life! When the inn’s new owner shows up, she realizes that time is repeating itself. It’s up to Trey to break the cycle for these star-crossed lovers, but he’ll have to fight to prove that their love is truly everlasting.

You can buy it here for Kindle and here for Nook! Seriously, Kim is awesome (as a writer and a person) and I highly recommend anything you can find by her!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Living Without Regret

Over the years I've learned something about myself. I regret what I don't do more than what I do. Even if things don't work out, at least I tried and lots of times supposed "failure" turns into a great lesson or opens the door to greater success. That's how I ended up pursuing writing in the first place. It's definitely how I ended up writing a zombie comedy ( and now it's why I've broken away from traditional publishing and am writing and publishing independently.

My life is changing a lot right now. We're moving to Tucson (I'm already here and loving it) and my independent work is supporting us, as well as some very exciting new ventures for my husband. We are breaking free, rethinking how we want to live, where we want to live and what we want to do.

I think that translates to my work, too. Right now I'm writing heroines who are spies and maybe killed someone (THE SECRETS OF A LADY and the upcoming THE DESIRES OF A COUNTESS, November 2011). My heroes are struggling with where they belong and who they are (THE TEMPTATION OF A GENTLEMAN, October 2011). I like writing characters in transition, on the cusp of changing their lives and terrified of it.

I guess it's called writing what you know.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Like Stars and Smiley Faces

There's an episode of The Simpsons when the elementary school is shut down. Lisa, working from home, tells her mother, "grade me!" and begs for stars for her paper. I admit, this episode (along with many other Lisa moments) hits pretty close to home for me. I've always liked to see my advancement, to get little sparkly stars next to my name.

In short... grade me!!!

In school, it was easy. Grades, check marks, honor society pins... all these things marked my progress and said, "You are good. You are special. You are smart." But as an adult, it gets a little more complicated. No more teachers look over my shoulder and tell me that I'm cool.

So I have to feed this need myself. First, I make to do lists. When I do things, I cross them off my list. It's a small thing, but I get a thrill of acheivement when I do it. So much so that I sometimes add things to the list that I did... just to cross them off.

There are no more stickers in my life... but I guess there are stars. Amazon and Goodreads reviews come with them and I admit that it makes me pretty happy when more of them pop up by my name (hint, hint). I like the idea that strangers have looked at something I've done and put a lot of heart into and say, "Yeah. You did a good job. A+"

I'm okay with my need for stars and smiley faces. In the scheme of things, I guess I'd rather be a Lisa Simpson than say... a Bart. Or a Homer. Now grade me!!!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Beware of the Cat

As you know if you've visited my website, blog, twitter, facebook... etc, I have two cats. Harley and Quinn, both rescues who have traveled along with us through two moves and snuggled with us through ups and downs. My babies.

Also, my guard dogs. Well, one of them is. Harley.

Oh she looks very innocent there in the picture to the left. Like a snuggly little ball of fur who might lick you to death, but never attack. And to be honest, that is usually true. This is a cat who purrs while she's being groomed, only hides when my three and a half year old nephew tries to be her best friend and is genuinely the loveliest animal I've ever had the pleasure of loving.

Until the UPS man comes. When someone rings the doorbell, she becomes attack cat. She sits down, staring at the door and growls beneath her breath. There's no bite to the bark. The second the door opens, she's smoke. But for a minute... just a minute, she is Kujo. And you better watch out if you want to deliver a package to this house.

Anyone else have an attack cat?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What's up, doc?

Hey all!

I know it's been a while since I blogged (almost exactly a month). Personal life is starting to settle, so I'm actually writing again (YAY) and have a lot of fun stuff coming up that I thought I'd share to start with:

August: A SCOUNDREL'S SURRENDER is still available! The last book in The Billingham Bastards series should be in stores near you everywhere and it features Caleb and Marah from my July 2008 release, LESSONS FROM A COURTESAN

September: The beginning of a new series for me that I'm publishing independently! The series is The Jordans, the book is THE SECRETS OF A LADY!

The book features Audrey and Griffin, who have known each other since childhood, share a history and are now forced to work together to find a traitor.

October: The Jordans, Book 2. THE TEMPTATION OF A GENTLEMAN

Audrey's brother, Noah and the woman he meets during one last case, Marion.

November: The Jordans, Book 3. THE DESIRES OF A COUNTESS. Audrey and Noah's sister, Ginny, a widow with a son and a secret she must keep from Simon, the man sent to "protect" her.

So there's lots of great stuff coming up! All the Jordans will be available via Kindle/Nook and will be only 2.99 for each full novel!!

Enjoy and look for more blog posts coming up again!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How many Shops would a Workshop Shop...

Recently I've seen a lot of calls for workshops from various chapters. It's been a long time since I did any writing workshops and I sort of miss it. So... what topics would the writers in the house like to see my cover if I were to do some new workshops? Is there anything you're dying to hear my thoughts on? Post in comments!