Friday, September 16, 2011

Everlasting by Kimberly Dean

So many years ago that I hesitate to say how long, I met an awesome writer named Kimberly Dean. We were both in SECRETS, Volume 11. She had a very sexy, extremely well-done erotic romantic suspense, I had written (of course) an erotic historical. We've been friends ever since (we'll always have Canada... or at least Disneyworld's version of it, Kim) and now she's entering the ever-whacky and wonderful world of independent publishing. Her new book, EVERLASTING is available for Kindle/Nook right now for only 2.99. If you like the sexy... Kimberly Dean is your girl:

When Chevon takes an impulsive road trip, she doesn’t expect to stumble across her distant past. Lost in a thick, unpredictable fog, she finds the Everlasting Inn. The remote house on the cliffs is a haven, yet it evokes erotic thoughts and haunting memories. They consume her until she realizes that she’s been to this house before… in another life! When the inn’s new owner shows up, she realizes that time is repeating itself. It’s up to Trey to break the cycle for these star-crossed lovers, but he’ll have to fight to prove that their love is truly everlasting.

You can buy it here for Kindle and here for Nook! Seriously, Kim is awesome (as a writer and a person) and I highly recommend anything you can find by her!


  1. Always love a good recommend and think it's lovely that you support your friends.

  2. The reincarnation/paranormal element of your book, Kimberly, has me instantly hooked. And, Jenna, your book The Secrets of a Lady riveted me with the phrase "forced to work together to find a traitor."