Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Beware of the Cat

As you know if you've visited my website, blog, twitter, facebook... etc, I have two cats. Harley and Quinn, both rescues who have traveled along with us through two moves and snuggled with us through ups and downs. My babies.

Also, my guard dogs. Well, one of them is. Harley.

Oh she looks very innocent there in the picture to the left. Like a snuggly little ball of fur who might lick you to death, but never attack. And to be honest, that is usually true. This is a cat who purrs while she's being groomed, only hides when my three and a half year old nephew tries to be her best friend and is genuinely the loveliest animal I've ever had the pleasure of loving.

Until the UPS man comes. When someone rings the doorbell, she becomes attack cat. She sits down, staring at the door and growls beneath her breath. There's no bite to the bark. The second the door opens, she's smoke. But for a minute... just a minute, she is Kujo. And you better watch out if you want to deliver a package to this house.

Anyone else have an attack cat?

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  1. Great picture. I used to have a black and white cat named Orca, who was an attack cat. She would jump on my brothers lap, and he would freeze and ask me to get her off him. Sweet looking, but out of the blue would swipe at people. Strangely enough the two cats that jump out at me while I walk the dog, are black and white also.