Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Living Without Regret

Over the years I've learned something about myself. I regret what I don't do more than what I do. Even if things don't work out, at least I tried and lots of times supposed "failure" turns into a great lesson or opens the door to greater success. That's how I ended up pursuing writing in the first place. It's definitely how I ended up writing a zombie comedy ( and now it's why I've broken away from traditional publishing and am writing and publishing independently.

My life is changing a lot right now. We're moving to Tucson (I'm already here and loving it) and my independent work is supporting us, as well as some very exciting new ventures for my husband. We are breaking free, rethinking how we want to live, where we want to live and what we want to do.

I think that translates to my work, too. Right now I'm writing heroines who are spies and maybe killed someone (THE SECRETS OF A LADY and the upcoming THE DESIRES OF A COUNTESS, November 2011). My heroes are struggling with where they belong and who they are (THE TEMPTATION OF A GENTLEMAN, October 2011). I like writing characters in transition, on the cusp of changing their lives and terrified of it.

I guess it's called writing what you know.

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