Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Writing Book

Recently I published a book for writers, The Romance Writing Industry: From Top to Bottom. This book is based on the day-long industry retreat I presented all over the country in 2009-2010. The chapters who had me come out charged their members between $50-150 per person to attend the retreat.

Since I'm not traveling at present, I decided the best option was to put the same info out in book format. I'm charging $9.99 for the book in Kindle and Nook format, mostly because of the time and effort it took to compile the info. But in this, you get all the information that was presented for much more.

If you get the book, you'll get information on Markets, Query Letters, Synopses, Literary Agents, Publishing Houses, The Journey of a Book and Promotion of a Book and get
resource guides and samples for writers. Here is the cover and a link to buy from Amazon (it's also available on Nook).

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