Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Indie Publishing: A Brave New World

If you're on my Twitter or Facebook accounts (@jennaromance and then you've probably heard me talking lately about the fact that I've been independently publishing books for the last few months and am planning even more in the future.

When I talk about indie pubbing (or self-publishing), lots of people ask me why I would do that? Well, there are many reasons and I wanted to share mine.

First off, traditional publishing is getting much more cautious about what they publish and that has translated in many authors losing their contracts. I still have many, many, many historical romances to write and share. And I don't want to wait for a publisher to decide that the math is perfectly right for them to take a chance to publish them. Financially and creatively, it just doesn't work for me.

Secondly, there is the freedom of scheduling that indie publishing affords me. I'm a quick writer, but my historical romances were always scheduled 9-12 months apart. Trust me, this was never my choice or because of my writing speed. But with independent publishing I can publish a book a month for the rest of the year (which is my plan) and 4-5 books a year on a regular basis.

Finally, there is the issue of price. One big advantage of indie publishing is that because the author gets a much larger percentage of royalties, I can charge way less for a book and actually make more per book sold. That seems like a win-win for everyone. Readers get a book for less, I can still pay my light bill. Hooray for all of us.

Of course there are disadvantages. If you don't like reading on a reader, phone or computer, then no, there won't be a paperback copy of the book available and I know that's disappointing to many readers. I love books, too, but I promise you I'm not making the decision lightly or while rubbing my hands together with an evil laugh as I picture readers who want a paperback suffering. I only hope that you'll want the book enough to overlook the disadvantage. If not, I do understand that, too.

We're entering a brave new world for readers and authors! I'm really enjoying it and I hope you will too.


  1. I was a published author, but just had the rights to my books returned. I am doing the same thing as you. I am now walking the Indy Route. I find readers can get more from their money, as traditional publishers tend to over-price books. Great Blog and Good Luck with your books!

  2. I've been thinking along these lines the last month or so. Question: How do you get your cover art? Do you design the cover yourself?

    I just bought Rogue; look forward to reading it!

  3. Hi Kathy, I use for my covers! Kim does GORGEOUS work and puts a very professional product together for me. Enjoy Rogue!!

    Good luck with your indie journey, Alex!

  4. Jenna I will follow you on whatever path you choose. I love that we readers are able to get your books so much quicker than before. It sucks having to wait for months and months to read an authors work. Keep em' coming!

  5. That's the plan, Danielle! One a month for the rest of the year under one of the three names! :)