Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Undeniable by Jenna Petersen (or was it Jess Michaels)

Last week my July book, UNDENIABLE was released. Actually re-released. This book was originally a Jess Michaels release from a small press in... I think it was 2003? 2004? Anyway, it all blends together. Even all these years later, I still get lots of questions about the story, so I decided to re-release it for just .99 and under the Jenna Petersen name.

Why Jenna Petersen? It's really just a streamlining thing. It's historical and it's very sexy and it just makes it easier to promote with one name. So, yes, this was originally a Jess release, but it's now under the Jenna name. Still the same story, though! And I hope you'll love it if you pick it up from Amazon or Barnes and Noble!

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